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Tips for your tour
We are wishing you a good trip
1. Porto, 10 minutes from Tinos town
2. Kolimpithra, 30 minutes
3. Kardiani, 40 minutes
4. Isternia, 60 minutes

Route 1

You can follow the main road to TRIANTAROS , from the villages of DIO CHORIA and ARNADOU until the monastery of KECHROVOUNI. This monastery was constructed in the 12th century as a Greek orthodox monastery, in which today there are staying 50 nuns. The architecture reminds the cycladic village. The nuns that are staying there, they have in each house: a kitchen, a bathroom and a bedroom. You can visit the house of nun Pelagia, who was the one, that after a vision that she had in 1822 she led the locals to the place where the icon of the Virgin Mary was. In the place where the icon was found, today you can admire the church of Virgin Mary.
Eksomvourgo: The former fortress of the Venetians (1207-1715). There is a path until the ruins.
Volax: Small village in a volcanic landscape. You can admire the art of the knitting of baskets.
Komi: The agricultural “center” of the island.
Kolimpithra: Beach with sand and a small tavern

Route 2

You can follow the upper main road to Tarabados and visit the Valley of the Dovecotes. These constructions were built in the 14th century from the Venetians.

Kardiani: Over the coast is located the village of marble
Isternia: Small port for the fishermen with taverns and a beach with sand
Pirgos: The center of the artists of marble. You can visit the Workshop of the Sculptors, the Museum and the house of the famous sculptor Halepas (1853-1921), the square of the village and the admirable cemetery of marble.
Panormos: In the nord of the island is located the “bay of the fishermen” and the old harbor of the island. There are some taverns and a small beach with sand.

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